What exactly is ACATA?

The leading body for Creative Arts Therapies in Australia is the Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ACATA). Professional networking, peer support, communication through our website and publications, professional representation, professional standards, promotion and advocacy, professional directory and referral service, and professional development opportunities are just some of the services provided by ACATA to the Creative Arts Therapies community in Australia.


ACATA’s Brief History

The Arts Therapists Network Association was founded in 1998. The first wave of RMIT Master of Creative Arts Therapy (Melbourne) students was eager to promote creative therapies’ recognition and form an “association of practitioners” aimed at furthering the practice. On September 28, 2000, ACATA became a legal entity.

In 2009, ACATA expanded its support to include all qualified therapists who work with the arts, rather than just those who are trained in creative arts therapy. The Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association took over ACATA’s name. These changes are intended to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity that exists within our rapidly expanding profession.